Marshall College Council 2018 – 2019

TMCSC Looking For Our Next VC External!



If you are interested in becoming more involved within Thurgood Marshall College and discuss relevant issues that pertain to student life on the university, consider joining TMCSC! TMCSC is hosting applications for our next Vice Chair External. In this position, not only will you act as a liaison for Marshall students to AS and the wider university population, you will also gain valuable networking experience and resources. Apply today in the google form below! The application closes on May 19th, at 11:59 AM.

Apply Here!

Attend our weekly meetings!

Participate in TMCSC’s discourse of student life here at Marshall College by attending our meetings on Thursdays at 6:30 PM in Fireside Lounge, located near the Marshall Lowers. You can also read the Minutes to find out what was talked about in council.

What is TMCSC?

Thurgood Marshall College Student Council (TMCSC) is the student representative body for the Marshall college community at UC San Diego. We speak on behalf of Marshall students on various campus and college groups and committees. We work to fulfill the Thurgood Marshall College philosophy of the “scholar and citizen” by collaborating with Marshall organizations to provide cultural, educational, and social events for Marshall students and increase student awareness and involvement in our diverse and active community. TMCSC is also responsible for allocating funds to TMC and campus organizations looking for support.