Finance Requests

Who can request funding?

[Marshall] funds, in an amount to be determined by the TMCSC budget, shall be reserved for allocation to all UCSD staff, faculty, and undergraduate individuals and organizations.

How To Request Funding:

TMCSC makes annual allocations specifically to help fund other on-campus organizations, events, etc. In order to request funding, an organization/event representative must submit a funding request to the VC Finance’s Folder in the Admin Building no later than Thursday at 3PM. Once submitted, a confirmation email will be provided to the listed email on the request and the funding request will be heard on the following Monday Finance Committee Meeting. Upon the conclusion of the Finance Committee Meeting, the Vice Chair of Finance consolidates all materials and introduces the request to Council Floor on Thursdays at 6:30PM, in which the request is approved, approved with stipulations, or denied.

Outlined below are the steps and methods of submitting a funding request, and the necessary paperwork after the event:

  1. Plan to submit your funding request for your event at least 2 WEEKS before your event and minimum 3 hours before Finance Committee. This is campus wide policy and the VC Finance will be strict about this.
  2. Fill out the funding request form (this document ha a post event evaluation section that you will need later) with a cover letter after researching and planning for your event! This can be found on our website
  3. Email that document to the VC Finance at
  4. The VC Finance will go over your funding request during Finance Committee. If the committee cannot make a decision, it will be brought to council and voted on there.
  5. Your approved or denied funding request will be emailed to you along with an INDEX NUMBER. Take note of this number.
  6. After your submit your funding request, there are two ways to get the ball ordering. You initially pay for all expenses out of your own pocket. You send a list of what needs to be ordered to Jeanne Jenkins, and she will directly purchase the items out of Council funds.This step is possible ONLY if you present the list to Jeanne at least a week in advance.
  7. If you ordered everything out of your own pocket, print out the reimbursement form as well as the post evaluation form (this is a separate form than the one required by External) from the website and fill it out and write in the INDEX NUMBER given to you. That is where the funds will be taken out of to reimburse you. Staple all receipts with the reimbursement form and the post evaluation form and hand it to the VC Finance within 3 days of the event. The VC Finance will be strict on this 3 day policy as reimbursements are time sensitive.
  8. If you had Jeanne order your items, still complete the post evaluation form and hand it to the VC Finance.
  9. Your reimbursement is now on its way! Good job 🙂

Things to keep in mind:

  • IF YOU ARE A CSI REGISTERED ORGANIZATION and you need to submit a TAP form for your expenses, you MUST submit this request 2 WEEKS BEFORE THE SUBMISSION OF YOUR TAP FORM. Keep in mind TAP forms must be submitted 21 DAYS prior to your event date.
  • The Marshall Student Activities fee is currently $10.50 per Marshall student. Be cognizant of this amount when deciding how much funding you are requesting from TMCSC as it is typically a factor in our decision.
  • TMCSC cannot fund:
    • Alcohol
    • Controlled/illegal substances
    • Firearms
    • Direct monetary donations
    • Fines or violations
    • Scholarships
    • Association or membership dues
    • Food for general body meetings
    • Any other items that violate university, state, or federal laws
  • More information regarding funding requests can be found on the funding request form which is linked below.

Should any further questions or concerns arise, please contact Angela Huang at