Who are we?

Thurgood Marshall College Student Council’s Finance Committee is one of two committees mandated by the TMCSC constitution. As our internal legislation states: “The functions and powers of the Finance Committee are to advise TMCSC in financial matters and give recommendations on all financial legislation”.

Thus, Finance Committee has become recognized to be the first point of contact for funding requests for Marshall organizations, events, as well as other on-campus organizations. Funding requests are submitted to the Vice Chair of Finance’s folder in the Admin building and reviewed the following Finance Committee meeting. Committee meetings are held on most Mondays at 8PM throughout the academic year. Upon review, a recommendation is then introduced to Council Floor on Thursday (during regular TMCSC meetings), where the requests are officially approved or denied.

Finance Committee members are comprised of not only the Vice Chair of Finance, who chairs the committee, but also at least 2 voting members of Council, 1 Student at Large, 1 A.S. Senator, and all other TMCSC members approved and appointed to the committee.

Please feel free to contact Angela Huang at should any further questions or issues arise.